Abstract Instructions

1. Your abstract must be prepared in  English.

2. To ensure that article referees or peer reviewers do not know your identity (as author[s] of the abstract being reviewed), you will need to make sure that you remove any information in the actualy abstract (including footnotes and acknowledgments) that could identify you, and disguise all references to personally identifiable information such as the research institution where your work was carried out. Also excluse references to grants awarded to named persons, refer to your own references in the third person.

3. Your abstract word count should NOT exceed 500 words.

4. Structure of your abstract:

  • Introduction: Describe the background supporting the relevance of the research question.
  • Objective: State the purpose of the study or investigation.
  • Methods: State details on study subjects, techniques, and/or observational/analytical methods.
  • Results: Include your main findings, noting statistically significant data.
  • Conclustions: Summarize principal conclusions, emphasizing new and important aspects.

5. Use standard abbreviations. Place unusual abbreviations between parentheses (...) after the first appearance of the word.

6. Acknowledgement: If you do not follow these instructions, your abstract may be declined.

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