"It Takes Two to Tango"

ISSWSH Annual Meeting 2019


The pre-course is an ideal way to build a knowledge base of common sexual health concerns, including evaluation and management of common sexual health complaints. We review relevant anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. We also review management of menopause and it's associated symptoms, including hormone therapy and local vaginal treatments. This course is relevant for any participants new to the ISSWSH meeting and returning participants who want to refresh their knowledge with the most current evidence and practice from the experts

Instructional Courses (separate registration required)
This years instructional courses are an invaluable addition to the main meeting and allow participants to gain practical knowledge for how to evaluate and manage common sexual health concerns. These courses are led by international experts and allow for in depth exploration of specific topics and more time for questions. These courses should appeal to anyone with a clinical practice that cares for people with sexual health complaints.

Instructional Course 1 is hormone therapy for sexual health complaints, which will address participants concerns with safety, efficacy and how to prescribe treatments to patients.

Instructional Course 2 is on couples therapy. This will be led by world renowned experts and will focus on treating couples affected by low desire as well as sexual pain. This is ideal for mental health providers and any health care provider seeking extra training in proper counseling techniques.

Instructional Course 3 is on treating sexual side effects from cancer. This course will focus on both medical management of sexual side effects, especially the safety of prescribing systemic or local hormones in high risk patients but will also include content on physical therapy for sexual health complaints.

Instructional Course 4 is on energy based devices. This course will focus on the best available evidence and practices for both radiofrequency and laser treatments for sexual health complaints.

Lunch and Learns (included in meeting registration)
Our lunch and learn sessions are open to all meeting registrants and provide a smaller and more interactive sessions on special topics related to sexual health. This year we will be focusing on treating the couple affected by cancer in addition to a session on difficult cases with expert clinician commentators.

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ISSWSH / ISSM Joint Meeting 2019
March 7-10, 2019   19 days left
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