Best Abstract
"Off-label" use of common medicines could target the vulvodynia mechanism
Falsetta, M1; Flores, B1; Fischer, S1; Bekauri, T1; Maddipati, KR2; Honn, K2; Haidaris, C1; Foster, D1; Wood, R1
1 - The University of Rochester
2 - Wayne State University

Best Poster
Unwanted Sexual Activity History and Relationship Status Predict Sexual Side Effects of Hormonal Contraception Use
Jones, HR1; Sartin-Tarm, A2; Lorenz, TK1
1 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2 - University of Nebraska – Lincoln

MAP Education & Research Foundation Sexual Tipping Point Award in Mental Health
A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Couples
Lynn, M1; Iftekhar, N1; Mumby, P1; Hakimi, M1; Adam, W2
1 - Loyola University Medical Center
2 - Loyola University/Stritch School of Medicine

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