Education Committee

Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF; Washington, DC USA (Chair)
Karen Adams, MD, IF; Portland, OR USA
Janeane Anderson, PhD, MPH; Memphis, TN USA
Sarah Cigna, MD, MS; Washington, DC USA
Elisabeth Gordon, MD; New York, NY USA
Risa Kagan, MD; Berkley, CA USA
Alyse M. Kelly-Jones, MD, IF, FACOG; Charlotte, NC USA
Jill M. Krapf, MD, Med; Washington, DC USA
Sharon J. Parish, MD, IF, NCMP; White Plains, NY USA
Sameena Rahman, MD; Chicago, IL USA
Tami Rowen, MD, MS, FACOG, IF; San Francisco, CA USA

ISSWSH Fall Course 2024
November 7-10, 2024
169 days left
DoubleTree Resort - Paradise Valley - Scottsdale, AZ
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ISSWSH/ISSM Joint Meeting 2025
February 27 - March 2, 2025
279 days left
Grand Hyatt Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
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